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House Concerts

Do you enjoy going out to theaters and listening rooms to hear your favorite bands?
If yes, then you would love a house concert- basically, you make your living room a music venue for an evening.

These are without a doubt MY FAVORITE SHOWS to play; it's very intimate, relaxed, and every single one is different. These are the shows where I feel like I connect with an audience the most which is the best part of being a musician to me.

Do You Want to Host a Kate Coleman House Concert?
If you have room for 20-30 people in your home, then we can make that happen!

It's very simple. Here's what we would do:

- You and I would chat and settle on a date, time, and reasonable door price to charge
- You would invite friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers using an email blast, a facebook event, evite or whatever you'd like
- I show up on the set date about an hour beforehand, I set up my gear and merch, and we have a wonderfully unique night of music and fun!


That's really all there is to it! 


AND You get to make your house concert whatever you'd like it to be...
If you want to order catering, put out white table-clothes, and provide all the alcohol and beverages- GREAT
If you want to make it a pot-luck where everyone brings a dish to pass and it's BYOB - EXCELLENT

It's absolutely whatever you want it to be!

My only requirement is that folks sit-down and listen as they would at theater or concert hall.

If this sounds like something you want to do, email me at and we'll get started!